Gopuff: Mother’s Day Events Theme

Product/UI Design, Illustrations

Engineers, Brand Strategists, Merchandising Team  
At Gopuff, we periodically update our app theme, including the homepage and loading animations, to align with various events in the States and promote our product sales. For example, we have themes for Christmas, the Super Bowl, and St. Patrick's Day.

As a Senior Product Designer at Gopuff, I led a project to redesign our app’s homepage theme, loading animation, and storefront specifically for Mother’s Day. In collaboration with engineers, the brand strategy team, and the merchandising team, our goal was to boost sales of our flower bouquets.


The central theme for this project was “Flowers,” given that flower bouquets are our primary product for Mother’s Day. I designed flower graphics with a fun and bold visual language to appeal to young moms. We see a significant opportunity to cater to young millennial parents who are already accustomed to using technology for their daily needs.

Key Design Elements

01. Loading Animation

The loading animation was designed to inform customers about our $15 flower bouquet offer and highlight our fast delivery service. This engaging animation kept users entertained while effectively communicating key promotional messages.

02. Homepage Theme

We adopted a purple/pink color theme, initially considering a lighter pink but ultimately choosing purple to comply with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) when paired with our white typeface. I updated the header, bottom navigation, and carousel backgrounds to ensure thematic consistency for Mother’s Day.

03. Storefront Theme

We created a dedicated page for Mother's Day products, including flowers, champagne, and gifts. Emphasizing our fast delivery, the products were organized into categories to help customers easily find what they needed.

04. Endcaps

To enhance product categorization, we established three categories: ‘Gifts for Mom,’ ‘Mother’s Day Brunch,’ and ‘Moms Treat Yourself.’ Each product carousel featured endcaps designed to catch users’ eyes and direct them to detailed pages, making the shopping experience more intuitive and engaging.