NASA AR interface design (2022) - Coming Soon

Project supported by NASA S.U.I.T.S.
AR design / ux design / design research 

Jan 2022 – Jun 2022

UX Designers and Developers; Benjamin Mucha, Bowen Zhou, Deelia Wang, Echo Yao, Felix Arwin, Gun Bolukbasi, Ivery Chen, James Lyon, Jessica Young, Karem Yoo, Kienan Ahner-Mchaffie, Santiago Alvarado, Selena Yang, Shu Tong Pan, Taylor Bjork, Viola Tan

NASA S.U.I.T.S. (Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students) challenges participants to design and create information displays for spacesuits within augmented reality (AR) environments, intended for astronauts landing on the moon.
This system aims to provide augmented reality (AR) access to informatics to enable interfacing with lunar payloads, support science work, visualize consumables, streamline communication, and navigate terrain. The development of visual informatics display systems enables NASA to improve and innovate optics solutions within the emerging AR field, making future extravehicular activities (EVAs) more efficient and effective. We used Microsoft HoloLens2 as a main device.

Our team participated in-person testing at NASA’s Johnson Space Center from May 19-24, 2022